Dallas/Ft. Worth Pet Care

More Than 35 Years of Experience

At EZ Pet Care, we treat your pet as if it were our own! We have more than 35 years of experience providing comprehensive care for the pets of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Our dedication to grooming, feeding and picking up after your pet ensures your pet stays stays happy, healthy, and allows you both to enjoy more quality time together. Learn more about our services by calling (855) 999-3973.

EZ Pet Care prides ourselves for our:

  • Spotless Cleanup
  • Nutritional Food
  • Mobile Grooming
  • Fast, Punctual Service
  • Customer Service
  • Friendly Caretakers

We Come To You

Taking care of your pet may sometimes feel like a chore. From picking up after your dog, cleaning your cat’s litter box, and going out to shop for the right food, pets can be quite a handful.Our pet caretakers have extensive experience and enjoy working with all different breeds of dogs and cats. They groom your pet at your home at your convenience, deliver your pet’s food and make sure your yard is a clean healthy playground to enjoy with your best friend. Let EZ Pet Care do the work while you do the fun! We come to you to with the food and the tools to keep your pet well fed, looking good, and feeling clean.

EZ Pet Care offers various services including:

Let Us Help You

With our professional pet caretakers, we ensure your pet is in good hands. You no longer have to worry about picking up after your pet or running out of food.We love what we do and strive to meet your pet’s needs. By letting us take excellent care of your pet, you can spend more time enjoying your pet rather than cleaning up after him. Through our pet care services, we ensure you receive the peace of mind you deserve. When you need prompt and professional service, EZ Pet Care is at your door. Let us make your life easier by having us take care of your pet. Request a free quote by contacting us at (855) 999-3973 today!

Our Values

  • Professional Services
  • Services to fit to your schedule and budget
  • We Come to You!
  • Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • We'll even feed and water your pets during our service visits!